Appendix C. Layers & Extensions

Extensions to the Vulkan API can be defined by authors, groups of authors, and the Khronos Vulkan Working Group. In order not to compromise the readability of the Vulkan Specification, the core Specification does not incorporate most extensions. The online registry of extensions is available at URL

and allows generating versions of the Specification incorporating different extensions.

Most of the content previously in this appendix does not specify use of specific Vulkan extensions and layers, but rather specifies the processes by which extensions and layers are created. As of version 1.0.21 of the Vulkan Specification, this content has been migrated to the Vulkan Documentation and Extensions document. Authors creating extensions and layers must follow the mandatory procedures in that document.

The remainder of this appendix documents each registered and published extension at a high level. Extensions are grouped as Khronos, multivendor, and then by vendor alphabetically.