2.1. Architecture Model

Vulkan is designed for, and the API is written for, CPU, GPU, and other hardware accelerator architectures with the following properties:


Since a variety of data types and structures in Vulkan may be mapped back and forth between host and physical device memory, host and device architectures must both be able to access such data efficiently in order to write portable and performant applications.

Where the Specification leaves choices open that would affect Application Binary Interface compatibility on a given platform supporting Vulkan, those choices are usually made to be compliant to the preferred ABI defined by the platform vendor. Some choices, such as function calling conventions, may be made in platform-specific portions of the vk_platform.h header file.


For example, the Android ABI is defined by Google, and the Linux ABI is defined by a combination of gcc defaults, distribution vendor choices, and external standards such as the Linux Standard Base.