5.5. Queue Forward Progress

The application must ensure that command buffer submissions will be able to complete without any subsequent operations by the application on any queue. After any call to vkQueueSubmit, for every queued wait on a semaphore there must be a prior signal of that semaphore that will not be consumed by a different wait on the semaphore.

Command buffers in the submission can include vkCmdWaitEvents commands that wait on events that will not be signaled by earlier commands in the queue. Such events must be signaled by the application using vkSetEvent, and the vkCmdWaitEvents commands that wait upon them must not be inside a render pass instance. Implementations may have limits on how long the command buffer will wait, in order to avoid interfering with progress of other clients of the device. If the event is not signaled within these limits, results are undefined and may include device loss.