7.2. Render Pass Compatibility

Framebuffers and graphics pipelines are created based on a specific render pass object. They must only be used with that render pass object, or one compatible with it.

Two attachment references are compatible if they have matching format and sample count, or are both VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED or the pointer that would contain the reference is NULL.

Two arrays of attachment references are compatible if all corresponding pairs of attachments are compatible. If the arrays are of different lengths, attachment references not present in the smaller array are treated as VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED.

Two render passes that contain only a single subpass are compatible if their corresponding color, input, resolve, and depth/stencil attachment references are compatible.

If two render passes contain more than one subpass, they are compatible if they are identical except for:

A framebuffer is compatible with a render pass if it was created using the same render pass or a compatible render pass.