9.4. Multiple Pipeline Creation

Multiple pipelines can be created simultaneously by passing an array of VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo or VkComputePipelineCreateInfo structures into the vkCreateGraphicsPipelines and vkCreateComputePipelines commands, respectively. Applications can group together similar pipelines to be created in a single call, and implementations are encouraged to look for reuse opportunities within a group-create.

When an application attempts to create many pipelines in a single command, it is possible that some subset may fail creation. In that case, the corresponding entries in the pPipelines output array will be filled with VK_NULL_HANDLE values. If any pipeline fails creation (for example, due to out of memory errors), the vkCreate*Pipelines commands will return an error code. The implementation will attempt to create all pipelines, and only return VK_NULL_HANDLE values for those that actually failed.