17.2. Clearing Images Inside A Render Pass Instance

To clear one or more regions of color and depth/stencil attachments inside a render pass instance, call:


void vkCmdClearAttachments(
    VkCommandBuffer                             commandBuffer,
    uint32_t                                    attachmentCount,
    const VkClearAttachment*                    pAttachments,
    uint32_t                                    rectCount,
    const VkClearRect*                          pRects);

vkCmdClearAttachments can clear multiple regions of each attachment used in the current subpass of a render pass instance. This command must be called only inside a render pass instance, and implicitly selects the images to clear based on the current framebuffer attachments and the command parameters.

The VkClearRect structure is defined as:


typedef struct VkClearRect {
    VkRect2D    rect;
    uint32_t    baseArrayLayer;
    uint32_t    layerCount;
} VkClearRect;

The layers [baseArrayLayer, baseArrayLayer + layerCount) counting from the base layer of the attachment image view are cleared.

The VkClearAttachment structure is defined as:


typedef struct VkClearAttachment {
    VkImageAspectFlags    aspectMask;
    uint32_t              colorAttachment;
    VkClearValue          clearValue;
} VkClearAttachment;

No memory barriers are needed between vkCmdClearAttachments and preceding or subsequent draw or attachment clear commands in the same subpass.

The vkCmdClearAttachments command is not affected by the bound pipeline state.

Attachments can also be cleared at the beginning of a render pass instance by setting loadOp (or stencilLoadOp) of VkAttachmentDescription to VK_ATTACHMENT_LOAD_OP_CLEAR, as described for vkCreateRenderPass.