18.6. Resolving Multisample Images

To resolve a multisample image to a non-multisample image, call:


void vkCmdResolveImage(
    VkCommandBuffer                             commandBuffer,
    VkImage                                     srcImage,
    VkImageLayout                               srcImageLayout,
    VkImage                                     dstImage,
    VkImageLayout                               dstImageLayout,
    uint32_t                                    regionCount,
    const VkImageResolve*                       pRegions);

During the resolve the samples corresponding to each pixel location in the source are converted to a single sample before being written to the destination. If the source formats are floating-point or normalized types, the sample values for each pixel are resolved in an implementation-dependent manner. If the source formats are integer types, a single sample’s value is selected for each pixel.

srcOffset and dstOffset select the initial x, y, and z offsets in texels of the sub-regions of the source and destination image data. extent is the size in texels of the source image to resolve in width, height and depth.

Resolves are done layer by layer starting with baseArrayLayer member of srcSubresource for the source and dstSubresource for the destination. layerCount layers are resolved to the destination image.

The VkImageResolve structure is defined as:


typedef struct VkImageResolve {
    VkImageSubresourceLayers    srcSubresource;
    VkOffset3D                  srcOffset;
    VkImageSubresourceLayers    dstSubresource;
    VkOffset3D                  dstOffset;
    VkExtent3D                  extent;
} VkImageResolve;