28.2. Sparse Buffers and Fully-Resident Images

Both VkBuffer and VkImage objects created with the VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_BINDING_BIT or VK_BUFFER_CREATE_SPARSE_BINDING_BIT bits can be thought of as a linear region of address space. In the VkImage case if VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_RESIDENCY_BIT is not used, this linear region is entirely opaque, meaning that there is no application-visible mapping between pixel location and memory offset.

Unless VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_RESIDENCY_BIT or VK_BUFFER_CREATE_SPARSE_RESIDENCY_BIT are also used, the entire resource must be bound to one or more VkDeviceMemory objects before use.

28.2.1. Sparse Buffer and Fully-Resident Image Block Size

The sparse block size in bytes for sparse buffers and fully-resident images is reported as VkMemoryRequirements::alignment. alignment represents both the memory alignment requirement and the binding granularity (in bytes) for sparse resources.