Khronos Vulkan

Vulkan SDK Release Notes

Version for Windows
April 18, 2022

Creative Commons

This SDK supports Vulkan API revision 1.3.211. The prior SDK supported Vulkan API revision 1.3.204.

Drivers: It is recommended you update Vulkan-capable hardware drivers to the latest recommended version from the hardware vendor. A list of Known Issues appears at the end of this document with more information.

Vulkan Loader: The Windows SDK does not update the Vulkan Loader on your system. Instead you should be getting the Vulkan Loader from your graphics hardware provider driver package. There is an optional Vulkan Runtime package available at should you wish to force updating your system with a more recent Vulkan Loader.

Removal Notice

The VK_LAYER_LUNARG_device_simulation layer is now no longer included in the SDK. To achieve similar functionality, use the VK_LAYER_KHRONOS_layer_profiles

Deprecation Notice

Future SDK's released after this SDK will no longer support Visual Studio 2015

Looking for the Android build of the Validation Layers?

With each SDK release, the Android Validation Layer binaries are released in the Validation Layers repository

Overview of new features in SDK 1.3.211

Platform Support Matrix

Feature Windows Linux tarball Ubuntu Packages macOS SDK
Vulkan Configurator X X X X
Vulkaninfo X X X X
VIA (Vulkan Installation Analyzer) X X X X
Vulkan Profiles API Library X X X X
VOLK (a meta-loader for Vulkan) X X X X
Validation Layers
Validation X X X X
Best Practices X X X X
GPU Assisted Validation X X X
Debug Printf X X X
Synchronization Validation X X X X
Utility Layers
Profiles Layer X X X X
API Dump X X X X
Monitor X X X
Screenshot X X X
GFXReconstruct X X X
Extension Layers
Synchronization 2 X X X X
Shader Tools
glslangValidator X X X X
SPIR-V Optimizer X X X X
SPIR-V Disassembler, Assembler, Validator X X X X
SPIR-V Remapper X X X X
SPIR-V Control Flow Visualization X X X X
SPIR-V Cross-Compilation and Reflection X X X X
shaderc X X X X
DXC (DirectX Shader Compiler) X X X X
SPIRV-reflect X X X X

SDK Components

This version of the SDK is based on the following specifications, source code repositories, and commits:

LunarG would like to thank all of the many contributors to all of the above repositories and the contributions they are making to the Vulkan Ecosystem.

Submitting Issues

If while using the tools and layers included in the SDK you find a defect in that tool or layer, the most expedient way to get a resolution is to submit to its corresponding repository. For example, if you believe you have found a defect in the Validation Layers, submit an issue at the repository for Validation Layers. The only exception to this is for the shader tool chain (glslang, SPIRV-Cross, SPIRV-Tools, shaderc). For these repositories you can submit issues against the SDK at

Known Issues

New Layer Manifest File version: The new version of the Layer Manifest File may cause an older Vulkan Loader to generate a warning. This warning is safe to ignore. It appears like the following with a corresponding SDK path and layer name:

WARNING: [Loader Message] Code 0 : loaderAddLayerProperties: [path\to\sdk]VkLayer_[layer_name].json invalid layer manifest file version 1.2.0.  May cause errors.

Vulkan Configurator known issues are documented in the Vulkan Configurator Change Log